Trips and Prices

Day trips

  • Part-day Pioneer/Fibreglass canoe hire (i.e., to Elvers Falls)……$16 per canoe per hour (up to $75 per day)
  • Part-day Wobbygong & Bushranger canoe hire (i.e., to Elvers Falls)……$18 per canoe per hour (up to $90 per day)
  • Overnight Pioneer/Fibreglass canoe hire (up to 15km)…….$75 per canoe per day
  • Part-day single-person kayak hire (i.e., to Elvers Falls)……$15 per kayak per hour (up to $70 per day)
  • Overnight single-person kayak hire (up to 15km)…….$70 per kayak per day
  • Motorised dingy hire…….$35 per hour up to $220 per day

Multi-day trips**

  • Two-day (40 km) from Kanunnah Bridge…..$80 per canoe per person, shuttle hire also recommended
  • Four-day (40 km) from Tayatea Bridge…..$80 per canoe per person, shuttle hire also recommended


**Note these trips are dependent on having enough flow in the river. Please contact us ahead of time to check the river flows.