6152001_01_xWe’re old-fashioned. We want to ensure a unique experience that suits YOUR needs. Please give Jaynee and/or Barry a ring on +61 3 6457 1312.

If you want to contact us via email (jaynee.coleman @, please fill out the contact form below and allow 24-48 hours for us to contact you.

Note: we may be out on the river!  If your matter is urgent (or trip is less than a fortnight away), it may be best to ring us. Please leave a message.

Passing through town? Stop by for a visit and see what kind of trip will be best for you! We are located on the north side of the Arthur River Bridge, on the left-hand,Gh1zIcTxVCX6bbJ6k0N52D0vygmdc2rqF1Rin-XJhDVYeaEY-US4uWkZqWncgEVTWgc6wFfAyH0VkZpLRSlZpJWT-qtIJfcCJH0wexQ_cpa5_p7stAb-4xa866OTKTBJwuRb 2.png

Looking forward to hearing from you!